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Virtual Cinema

Now Playing - the Fine Arts Theatre Virtual Cinema.

Try out our new Virtual Cinema site,

or pick a film below to rent on demand and watch in the comfort of your own home.

A percentage of the sales will go to the Fine Arts.

More titles will become available on a weekly basis (usually releasing on Fridays)

while other titles will roll off, much like our normal theatre schedule.

For Virtual Cinema technical assistance, please visit our FAQ page.

Many thanks to the film distributors making this possible.

And thank you for your continued support--we hope you enjoy this new way to connect with us!

For information about special event rescheduling and refund options, please visit this page.

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Special Events

BY Experience presents
Great Art on Screen

March to June 2021

Starting Mar 17

About BY Experience:

BY Experience offers events for customers to view at home on an internet-enabled device, on a 'by appointment' (not VOD) basis. Customers screen as if they were attending at the venue itself (no fast-forward, pause, rewind, or multi-watch option) in a 'virtual communal experience'.

For more information about how to rent these films via the Stellar platform, please click here.

For more information about device compatability and how to watch them via the Stellar platform, please click here.

Film Schedule:

Mar 17-23

Apr 28-May 4
SECRET IMPRESSIONISTS - Purchase tickets here.

May 26-June 1