Directors: Eli Batalion & Jamie Elman

Language: English

60 Minutes

An unadulterated foodie delight, Chewdaism: A Taste of Jewish Montreal follows two Montrealers through an entire day’s worth of eating in and around the city as they discover their own personal heritage within the story of Jewish Montreal. Through charming cooking sights, the city’s rich cuisine is joyfully captured in this visually sumptuous culinary adventure that explores the art and pleasure of preparing and savoring Kosher gastronomic choices largely drawn from localized ingredients. As our guides discover the roots of the city’s Jewish community through a series of classical Jewish eateries, they tell the story of their 100-year-old community, with various guests along the way sharing tales and meals. Chewdaism is as illuminating as it is lively, joyous, and a mouth-watering feast for the eyes and the soul.

Closing Night Film and Reception

Thursday, April 11
6 pm
All tickets $25
Friday, April 12
1 pm

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